Student Reps

Mind Out Loud Student Reps is a group of high school students who work towards raising mental health awareness, ending stigma, educating peers about suicide prevention, and advocating for the mental health and wellness of students.

Meet Our Student Reps


"I love learning languages, it makes me feel closer to people and helps me learn more about people." Senior | San Diego


"To me, mental health awareness and advocacy is educating those around me by utilizing the resources I have." Sophomore | Modesto


"I joined Mind Out Loud Student Reps as a chance to gain a deeper perspective, work with others, and strengthen my journey in mental health advocacy." Freshman | Union City


"I make it my goal to reduce stigma around mental health in my own life and with my family, daily." Junior | Chula Vista


"My understanding of what it means to help others has evolved and matured throughout time, and now I feel secure in who and what I want to become. This dream and oath that I promise to help others in a meaningful way continuously drives me." Senior | Rocklin


"Mental health advocacy to me looks like community. I think often, we feel really alone in our struggles and that no one is really listening to us. And although these feelings are 100% valid, I think mental health battles are easier fought with the support of friends and family." Sophomore | Glendora

Eliza Renee

"You, me, and everyone else on this earth are human beings with real emotions and thoughts and if we took the time to acknowledge that, the world could be such a better place." Sophomore


"To me, mental health advocacy, access, and awareness looks like normalizing talking about mental health in schools and in families." Junior | San Carlos


"I joined Mind Out Loud Student Reps to become more informed for myself and for others. Mental health is so important so it matters to make it a priority." Freshman | San Rafael


"Mental health advocacy, access, and awareness all have something in common - needing somebody to talk to." Sophomore | Patterson, CA


"Learning the history of my ancestors empowers and motivates me to continue striving for my goals." Junior | San Diego


"It is necessary to reduce stigma around mental illness and health so that people who are suffering find it easier to open up and get the help they need." Junior | Union City


"Mental health advocacy important to me because it is a serious topic and it needs more attention." Junior | Chula Vista


"It is my hope that by participating in events such as Mind Out Loud, we, as a society, can provide relevant and life-changing information and help to end stigma around mental health." Freshman | Rocklin, CA

Odaliz (Lulu)

"We're all human, we should learn to care for ourselves as the same way we care for others too." Freshman | Gardena, Ca


"I joined Mind Out Loud Student Reps so I could voice the issues surrounding mental health that I see in my life." Junior | Chula Vista


"I joined MOLSR to bring hope to others that better days are coming and for them to know that they are not alone. " Junior | Pittsburg
Student Reps serve as ambassadors for the Mind Out Loud movement, including the online student event. Mind Out Loud Student Reps come together to create a safe, inclusive environment allowing students to boldly discuss mental health and inspire others to live authentic lives.

If you’re interested in the 2021-2022 Mind Out Loud Student Rep Program, please fill out an application below.
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